About Me

My name is Elizabeth Conrow, owner and photographer of EJphotography. 

Photography runs in my blood. My grandfather, Aunt, myself and my sister all have a love and talent for photography. I have a self taught passion for it and a natural eye for the beauty and moments around us.

I have been taking pictures since my early teen years. It has been about 12 years, 3 good cameras, a started business, and I can't say I love it any less. In October 2012 EJphotography was born. It is still in its early start, but the word is out around Loveland, Colorado.

I provide on-location and in-home sessions. Whatever you are looking for I will be more than happy to help you get it.

When I am not behind the lens, which I have to admit is alot, I love reading, the outdoors, cooking up new recipes  baking and being a stay at home mom.

Anywhere this gift takes me is all God's. He gave me the skill set, and let me get it all started.